Teens in the Real World
Food Allergies in the Real World

Be sure to check out this video, "Food Allergies and High School," from Anaphylaxis Canada.

Back-to-School Tips

Teens from around the country sent in their tips on how they manage their food allergies in school. Have more suggestions? Send them to us!


“My friends eat a lot of the foods I am allergic to, which means I am around a lot of foods that can (and will) cause an allergic reaction. Just make sure your friends know that you are allergic and to not get their food close to you.

“Also, believe me, you don’t want to kiss someone who has eaten a food you’re allergic to, so make sure they haven’t eaten anything harmful to you!

“Last, make sure your friends don’t touch your food, because food going into your mouth that has touched the foods you can’t eat can cause you an allergic reaction too!”
~Sarah, age 13, allergic to milk

“Don’t try to hide your food allergy. It makes you unique. If you give your friends a heads up, they will be more than willing to accommodate you. People are willing to cooperate, especially if they understand your allergy.”
~Jenny, age 14, allergic to peanuts

“At first it is very hard to go to school and just make it through everyday life, but if you hold strong, anybody can make it through. Always have your medicine with you no matter where you go, because if an accident were to happen, it is best to be prepared.”
~Jarrad, age 17, allergic to milk and eggs

“Learn to advocate for yourself and ask questions. This will not only protect you and help you manage your allergy, but developing this skill will also help you with school and in many other aspects of life.”
~Brian, age 18, allergic to peanuts and tree nuts

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