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Food Allergies in the Real World


School Supplies

Looking for Food Allergy Action Plans? Get them here.


Handling Bullies With Ease

High school can be nasty. Just ask TAG member Caitlin, who found herself taunted by a pack of mean girls. Still, she won in the end when she realized something important about those girls.

Telling My Teammates About My Food Allergies

Extracurricular activities—bring them on. Read how Caitlin’s high school volleyball teammates helped with her food allergy.

Friends in Unexpected Places: Homecoming

Michael went out to dinner with his date’s friends, only to find out they were going to a restaurant that served seafood. One problem: he is allergic to seafood and wasn’t sure if or how to speak up. When he did, he made some great new friends.

Food Allergies on the Go

School, homework, sports, club activities, hanging out with friends ... sometimes it's a wonder that there is any time left at all to eat! To help you with your busy schedule, here are a few tips for filling up on the go.

Hallmates, Shower Shoes, Dining Halls, and … Food Allergies

Going off to college and leaving the safety of your parents’ kitchen can be daunting, even if you don’t have a food allergy. So when Pam was diagnosed with an allergy to soy 2 weeks before leaving for school, she had her hands full. Read how she navigated her way through the dining halls, told her hallmates, and still managed to have an amazing freshman year.

Back-to-School Tips

Wondering how to manage your food allergies in middle or high school? Teens from around the country share their tips.

Reaction at College

A college student who is allergic to peanuts shares her story about having a reaction in the dining hall at school. Although the ingredients of the food she ate were properly listed, she relied on a special symbol that the school used to indicate that a food was allergy-free, instead of reading the ingredients.

Choosing a College

Many high school juniors and seniors will be visiting college campuses this spring and asking questions to help them decide where to continue their education. Here are some food allergy questions to consider as you’re deciding which school is the perfect fit for you.

Insight from College Students

Food-allergic college students from all over the country answered our call for advice. Check out their tips on managing your food allergies while off at school… and send us your tips, too!

Preparing for College

Between shopping for shower shoes and saying goodbye to all of your high school friends, there’s a lot to keep track of when you’re heading off to college for the first time. Print out our checklist to help you remember the food-allergy related tasks you need to do both before you get to school and once you’re there.

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