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Some Help from the French

by Danielle, age 18. Allergic to milk.


I had always dreamed about visiting France, and when I learned that my parents were going to let me travel, I was ecstatic. I was going alone and staying with the family of a friend of mine that lived right outside Paris.

Traveling to another country alone is always a big step in a person’s life, but it’s an even bigger step when that person has a food allergy. Since I have an allergy to milk products, we had to take extra precautions to ensure this trip would have good memories. My mother had been in contact with the family I was staying with for a year prior, and had told them all about my allergy and what foods I could and could not eat. A month or so before the trip, my mom had everything signed by doctors saying I could carry my medicine on a plane with me, and we made a chef card filled out in French.

While I was in France, I helped out with the cooking to make sure everything was safe, and we never ate out. All the cheese that the French are so famous for was stashed way in the back of the fridge. Only olive oil was used in cooking, and we never used any processed foods.

Everything went smoothly in France, and when it was time to go home I took with me great memories of France, instead of bad memories of a reaction. My mom was so pleased with how the family had accommodated for my allergy that she even let me go back to visit during Christmas break, when they again stunned us with a milk-free house. Vive la France!

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