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Hosting a Party

Even though the focus of most parties is much more on the people who will be there than the food that will be served, parties and snack food still seem to go hand in hand. A plate of chocolate chip cookies, a bowl of snack mix, or a platter of veggies and dip are standard party fare... but, if you have a food allergy, party spreads can be more stressful than relaxing.

Sure, you can always eat at home before going to a party. But you may not be the only one who finds your allergen-free food delicious—so why not share some with your friends?

A great way to party on with food allergies is to host a party yourself, so you can provide all the food! If your parents aren't wild about the idea of you playing host or hostess, why not offer to bring some munchies to the next party you're attending? You might find that your homemade food provides a great ice breaker—even if not everyone at the party realizes it's allergen-free!

Here are some allergen-free recipes to kick-start your stint as the host or hostess with the mostest. Download these recipe cards, cut them out into individual squares, and paste them onto cardboard to start your own recipe collection of allergen-free favorites.

Bon appétit—and party on!

Recipe Cards adobe acrobat icon with recipes for:
Party Mix
Chocolate Bite Cookies
Caramel Popcorn
Vegetable Dip

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