Teens in the Real World
  Food Allergies in the Real World  

Attend a FAAN Conference

Teens from our Illinois conference pose for a picture.This year's conferences have been huge successes — more than 80 teens came to our special teen-only lunch session to share tips on managing food allergies in the real world.

Giulia, a 13-year-old with multiple food allergies, sums up her experience at last year’s conference:

“About a year ago, I had a very bad anaphylactic reaction … Afterwards, I was afraid of everything I ate —even if my mom made it for me. I trusted nobody, not even my friends and family.

“Then my mom and I went to a FAAN conference and participated in a FAAN parent-teen lunch. The more I saw, the more I figured that if I am careful enough, I could go out and not be afraid. Talking to people my age gave me lots of insight on what to do in an emergency and stuff like that. FAAN really helped me gain control of my allergies (instead of the other way around).”

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