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Take Me Out to the Ball Game?

by Giulia, age 15. Allergic to several foods including peanut, tree nuts, and fish.


Last weekend my family and I took a surprise trip to the city to see a Yankees game. Before the game started, we went to eat at a safe restaurant we know in New York City and had a great meal.

So there we were at the game, basking in the summer sun, enjoying our great seats, when the person in front of me opens up a bag of unshelled peanuts. Sending a panicked look to my mom, I moved my seat to the middle so he would be far enough away. Then the peanut-seller came and the people a couple rows behind us stood up and ordered some bags. I quickly noticed that everyone around me was eating peanuts. I looked at my surroundings and saw peanut shells, bags, and actual nuts that had fallen on the ground.

My mom, seeing my deer-in-the-headlights look and the massive amounts of peanuts, took me up to a Yankees security guard and described our situation. The guard glanced around looking for peanuts and concluded that nowhere we would sit would be safe. We might just have to leave. I felt a burning sensation in the pit of my stomach: guilt. Food allergies had ruined my family’s night.

Wallowing in sadness, I didn’t notice when the security guard took us up to the First Aid section. The people there looked completely clueless: yes, we wanted to be away from any peanuts. The EMT called several people, and I groaned. Food allergies are funny: when we planned the trip, I dreaded coming to the game, and now we were doing everything in our power to stay.

We waited for a number of minutes, until finally the EMT told us he had good news. After he examined my medical bracelet, we grabbed my dad and disgruntled brother and met up with the guest services lady who would be helping us to our new seats. She told us that in the last three years a lot of people had been requesting food allergy-safe seats. When we arrived on the first-floor balcony, she announced that these were our new seats.

I peered around. We were right over home plate! Plus, we were about five feet above the people on the ground tier. Hardly any peanuts would reach us. I can’t believe how nice the Yankees people treated us. The rest of the game went smoothly. On the way out of the stadium, I said thanks to all the people who helped me enjoy my night. So what if I have food allergies? They still can’t hold me back from life’s pleasures.

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