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Troubled Over Teasing

by Carlo, age 13. Allergic to milk, eggs, wheat, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish.

I know how hard it is to live with food allergies. I have had them my entire life. For a long time, I was picked on for having them.

I tried to separate myself from the kids who teased me. But sometimes the kids would still come over just to pick on me. If I was ever in the situation where someone was offering people food and they got to me and said, “Oh yeah, you can’t eat it, ha ha,” I would calmly respond that I could eat it, because most of the time I could, or I would tell them that I wouldn’t have taken it anyway. I was always “not hungry” or had “just eaten something,” even if I was starving. I was trying to make them think that the reason I wasn’t eating it was that I didn’t want it, not that I couldn’t have it.

When they wouldn’t change, I just ignored them. But that caused me to build up a rage that was insuppressible. I tried to take my anger out with sword fighting, but that was only a temporary solution. I was only feeling good when I was fighting; I was still getting mad at school.

I started to express to them that I didn’t like to be treated like that, and sometimes that worked. If not, I would try to say, as calmly as I could, that I was in a very bad mood. That often got them to go away, but it made me look bad to everybody except my friends, who knew what was really going on.

I have been writing in the past tense, but this is very much still happening. Right now, I am about to start therapy. I am hoping that this will make me get my anger under control, and that I will not have to threaten anyone anymore. If you have anger too, please take my advice and get your anger under control as soon as you can.

Have you ever been picked on because of your food allergy?

Email us to let us know how you handled it, and what advice you have for other teens.

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