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A Successful Night Out

“At one Italian restaurant, the staff went head over heels to accommodate my allergy. The head chef and manager both came to my table to discuss options for the meal and even provided me with my own bread to make sure that it could not possibly have come in contact with anything in the kitchen. They were friendly and willing to accommodate everything.

“I was very impressed with their understanding of food allergies and that they did not treat it as a hassle. Their positive attitudes made it a very nice eating experience, and the stress normally involved with eating out dissolved. Although eating out can be tough, it is still possible to go out and enjoy a meal with your friends.”

By Branden, age 17. Allergic to peanuts, soy, and others.


“Eating out with a food allergy can be a challenge. However, that should not stop you from doing so. Overall, feeling comfortable where you are is critical. If you don’t get a good vibe from the people you talk to or just don’t trust that the food you’re getting is safe, do not eat there. Although this may sometimes be the case, other times you will find that restaurants will be very accommodating with your allergy.

“Once you find a few restaurants that you feel comfortable eating at, continue eating at them. It’s nice to get to know the people who work at a restaurant and develop a good relationship with them, helping you feel safe to enjoy your meal.”

By Julie, age 18. Allergic to milk.


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