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If you enjoy poetry, you might be interested in the poems submitted by a number of TAG members. The poems reflect their feelings on managing food allergies. We hope you enjoy reading these during the holidays, as you reflect on the past year and the upcoming one.


Allergy Poem, by Brian, age 14, allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, fish, and sunflower seeds.

People without allergies think allergies are such terrible things,
but I don’t think they’re that bad.

Many with food allergies take risks in eating,
but the risk isn’t worth the consequence.

Others stress that they can’t eat that candy bar,
but there’s more to life than food.

Because as long as you take care of your allergies,
you’ll find that it isn’t so bad after all.


A Haiku, by Rachel, age 16, allergic to peanuts.

She took my order
I asked about nuts, blank stare
My life in your hands.


Poem About My Food Allergies, by Sarah, age 14, allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, and soy.

My food allergies can sometimes make me feel mad,
But other times, it’s not so bad.
I can’t always eat the same food,
And sometimes people act rude.
My friends help make sure I’m out of harm’s way,
But I never like my food allergies out on display.
Sometimes I pretend they’re not there,
So no one is aware,
But that only makes me feel alone,
And no one will ever know.
So I try to educate another,
But I am afraid it will bother;
And sometimes they don’t get it right away,
Or they understand and it feels OK.
But educating others helps me feel safer.
This, in the end, makes me feel freer.
If you know that your friends have your back,
Then nothing can go wrong with that.

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