Teens in the Real World
Food Allergies in the Real World

With food allergies on the rise, media coverage has significantly increased. Below are links to recent news articles about food allergies.

Food Allergies and Bullying

A new study reveals that kids with food allergies are often targeted by bullies. Several articles were published by the major news outlets regarding this important study.

Peanut Menace? Allergy Bullies Use Food to Torment Allergic Kids
MSNBC.com: 9/28/10

Food Allergies Make Kids a Target of Bullies
CNN.com: 9/28/10

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Become a Media Contact

Reporters will often contact us when they want to interview someone with a food allergy. Are you interested in being a FAAN media contact for reporters? E-mail us.

Writing An Article for Your School Paper?

High school and college newspapers all over the country have run articles about what life is like for students with food allergies. Here is some quick information that may help you write your article.

Want more information? E-mail us for story ideas, food allergy facts, and contact information for students living with a food allergy.

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