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Food Allergies in the Real World


Chef Card Template adobe acrobat icon (PDF, 167 KB)

In addition to asking a lot of questions about ingredients and preparation methods, many food-allergic teens and adults carry a “chef card” with them that outlines the foods that they must avoid. The card is presented to the chef or manager for review and serves as a reminder of the food allergy. This is an interactive PDF that will allow you to type your allergens directly onto the chef card.

Food Allergy Action Plan adobe acrobat icon (PDF, 194 KB)

Ask your doctor to fill out a Food Allergy Action Plan describing what actions to take and medications to give if you begin to have a reaction. Keep a copy in the school nurse’s office at school.

Once you are 18, make sure to update your Food Allergy Action Plan with your own signature and your college address (if applicable). Give copies to the student health center and your Resident Assistant and be sure to keep a copy readily accessible in your dorm room or apartment.

Plan de emergencia contra alérgenos alimenticios (en español) adobe acrobat icon (PDF, 337 KB)

A Spanish-language version of our Food Allergy Action Plan.

How to Read a Label adobe acrobat icon(PDF, 60 KB)

To avoid allergens, read food labels carefully. Download this reference for information on what ingredients to look for.

TIME Poster Slides
TIME for Kids magazine has designed a poster entitled, Every Body’s Different to share the important message of food allergy awareness with readers in their October 20 th issue. The poster highlights the USDA’s MyPyramid plan showing that “one size doesn’t fit all” when it comes to eating right, especially for those who have food allergies. Download the poster slides and share this important message with your friends and classmates!

Big Triggers adobe acrobat icon (~1 MB) - This chart shows the top eight food allergens in the United States and a few examples of foods that contain them. Read the chart and answer the six questions to test your knowledge.

Food Foes adobe acrobat icon (~1 MB) - View the three steps that happen during a food allergy reaction. Learn how the body reacts when its immune system identifies a food as potentially harmful. In this case, the allergen is milk.

How Your Friends Can Be Your P.A.Ls adobe acrobat icon (~1 MB) - Are you a good PAL? Test your PAL knowledge by deciding what to do in four different, real-life food allergy situations.

What’s Cookin’? adobe acrobat icon (~1 MB) - Do you recognize all of the ingredients listed on every food label that you read? Test your skills with three food labels to find one that is safe for a person who is allergic to wheat.

Take It to the Kitchen adobe acrobat icon (~1 MB) - Make your own personalized Chef’s Card so you can take it with you to every food service establishment you visit.

Something to Chew On adobe acrobat icon (~1 MB) What is like to live with a food allergy? Read Lisa, Alison, and Len’s stories and share them with your friends to help them understand what its like to live with a food allergy. Or, write in about your own food allergy.

When you are ready to check your answers to the questions on The Big Triggers, How Your Friends Can Be Your PALs , and What’s Cookin’, check out the Answer Keyadobe acrobat icon (~11 kb). No cheating!

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